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Electrical Design Engineer Job Description

Posted September 11, 2018


CNGmotive, Inc is a private equity financed start up in the railroad supply field.  CNGmotive possesses Intellectual Property which makes it uniquely situated to be the key in opening the use of very low priced Compressed Natural Gas as a locomotive fuel, especially in North America.  We are now engaged in building the first full scale demonstration tender for CNG and will be testing on the North American rails in early 2019.

We forecast rapid growth following the successful demonstration efforts and the opportunity for our key early team members to play a large part in that growth.

Our team is primarily comprised of veterans of either the natural gas industry or the locomotive OEM’s.  Our team is an all-star group of locomotive and gas professionals.

The Job

CNGmotive has need for an experienced locomotive or rail equipment electrical engineer.  Our tender design is very similar to the basic design of a simplified locomotive and we are responsible for the entirety of the functionality along with our partners Circor Inc.  Circor has built our microprocessor control system in concert with our team and the industry standard for this equipment.  We want to add a key player to this effort and overlap with one of our key players who is planning retirement.

The Ideal Candidate

All of our team members have begun with us as consultants to CNGmotive, Inc.  Several of these professionals are recent retirees from the locomotive OEMs, either EMD or GE.  We understand that deep knowledge for the electrical design of this kind of equipment exists in the OEM’s Engineering alumni, but also in their Service Department alumni and within the railroad locomotive engineering community.  We are on a track to grow rapidly and after a period of transition we would like to bring the ideal person onboard as a full-time employee.  Experience with the electrical design issues of equipment dealing with natural gas would be a strong plus.


BSEE or equivalent in machines and circuits design.  MSEE and very broad experience in the rail or allied industries are plusses.

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About CNGmotive

Our objective is to deliver the lowest cost clean and safe natural gas energy to heavy duty freight locomotives through the implementation of proprietary technology and decades of industry experience in locomotives.


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