Superior Performance

CNG for Freight Locomotives is here and offers superior performance to LNG at half the cost.



Save Money

What if you combined the safe and easy fueling process of diesel with the cost savings and availability of natural gas?  That is what we have accomplished at CNGmotive and it equates to a doubly improved bottom line in long-term cost savings and sustainable fuel source.


Improve Safety & Sustainability

An excellent and safe design for tenders using the pressure vessels and processes which will meet all safety and operational requirements.  This puts the reductions in CO2 emissions and centuries of fuel supply in reach of Railroads burning CNG.  We have completed designs which meet or exceed all current and anticipated safety regulations and still provide the ultimate customer excellent interoperability and compatibility.


CNG Rapid Refuel

There is multiyear successful application of the Chill Fill® technology in the oilfield and industrial virtual pipeline markets and CNGmotive is the sole licensee of this intellectual property for locomotive fueling applications. Our proprietary technology allows us to refill very large storage vessels in a 40 minute fill time and a less than 1 hour total fill cycle.

By 2020, CNG will become the natural gas option of choice by freight railroads in North America and by 2030 the majority of long haul freight locomotives in North America will have a firm plan to convert to CNGmotive’s superior gas solution.

We make CNG into a "diesel like" fueling experience.

The CNGmotive Difference

CNGmotive Tender Solution*

CNG for Locomotives

5,000 – 13,000 DGE
< 45 minutes fill time
110-300 DGE/min filling rate
Single vendor solution

Conventional Solution

LNG for Locomotives

< 2,500 DGE
> 90min fill time
< 30 DGE/min filling rate
3 vendors for CNG solution

natural gas fast facts


less expensive than diesel for CNG loaded on rail tender in the last 5yrs

there is greater than 200 yrs of low cost natural gas supply in the US.


lower price in the last 5 years as compared to the previous 5yrs

It takes less than 12 days to drill a natural gas well.


About CNGmotive

Our objective is to deliver the lowest cost clean and safe natural gas energy to heavy duty freight locomotives through the implementation of proprietary technology and decades of industry experience in locomotives.


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CNG for Locomotives